Inför #TNM2021: Condé Nast har utsett Sri Lanka till toppdestination 2022

Sri Lanka Tourism är med på Travel News Market i dag. Vi säger varmt välkommen alla utställare och besökare.

Why will Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau attend as exhibitor at Travel News Market on November 11th? 

Condé Nast traveler identified Sri Lanka as one of the top destinations for 2022.  This is significant.

Sri Lanka is open and safe and we want to welcome the world to our exotic island to experience a plethora of experience.

Vibrant culture bursts of flavor or even for a tranquil getaway in our paradise island. We could not think of a better way than to join Travel News Market 2021 as Sri Lanka has been a popular destination of choice for Swedes over the years.   The travel industry and tourism sector has suffered tremendously over the last two years due to the Pandemic.  Sri Lanka wants to be a part of the recovery of the industry here in Sweden and through higher generation of tourists to elevate the tourism industry in Sri Lanka as well.  For this reason, Travel News Market brings all of us together in a joint effort to bring about a strong recovery both for the industry as well as fellow travellers. Thus the Sri Lankans presence at this seminal event is important.  It will help us to build partnership.

Who do you want to meet at the trade fair? 

We are here to reconnect with Swedish partners and cultivate new partnerships.  We are looking forward to conversations with tour operators, travel agents, media, bloggers who will no doubt be captivated by the destination and the opportunity this presence for their businesses and for their work.

The biggest challenge in the Travel industry 2021?

The travel industry has been a very resilient industry for several decades.  It has weathered many storms.  However, the Covid-19 Pandemic must surely be one of the biggest challenges for any industry in the world that has been witnessed in the last 100 years.  As I said, the inherent resilience of the industry and specially the people – travel agents, tour operators, media influences who have been part of the industry will be the greatest strength and foundation for recovery.  Sri Lanka is very confident that with necessary support and good partnerships we can all rise up from the challenges that we collectively faced.  I would also say that there is a concept of responsibility which comes with the travellers.  The traveller must see themselves as being part of a larger picture of uplifting local communities, sustaining livelihood by engaging in responsible travel and experiencing quality and unique experiences.  Sri Lanka’s diversity in the topical sun and sand, wildlife, centuries old heritage, nature and adventure, ancient tradition of Ayurveda and wellness are all experiences that can be absorbed responsively.   

Tell us about the situation for tourism to Sri Lanka right now? 

Sri Lanka is open for everyone. Fully-vaccinated persons are welcome with NO Restrictions. 

Partially and unvaccinated persons must undergo 7 days quarantine at a ”Safe and Secure” Government certified service provider. 

We have successfully vaccinated a significant number of our population which has provided stability to the public health situation.  75% of those above the age of 30 are fully vaccinated. Therefore, the country is safe to travel.  It is also convenient for those fully vaccinated can enter Sri Lanka with a simple PCR test before boarding the aircraft after obtaining a visa over the internet or on-arrival for 30 days.  There are no travel restrictions.  Only thing we ask is from our friends travelling to Sri Lanka follow local health guidelines such as wearing masks, social distancing.  Otherwise, there are no restrictions for those vaccinated.  For the unvaccinated, they too are welcome but would have to follow a different protocol in what way referred to as the bio-bubble.  This enables non-vaccinated travellers/ people to enter Sri Lanka, but for the first week can move anywhere in the country staying at designated level one hotel after on week they are free to travel.  In any case, all travellers are advised to carry with them internal health insurance just in the unfortunate instance of a medical need.

Any big news to inform us about in your destinations?

Sri Lanka recorded a high national vaccine drive against Covid-19, with more than half of the population having received both doses.

Sri Lanka is One of the Best Countries to Travel to in Condé Nast Traveller 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards!

Sri Lanka is one of the top 25 islands voted by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine for 2021.

The biggest news is, we are open, we are safe, we are a popular destination and we in a sense are an experience of Asia in a nutshell.   So it is not surprising that you have Condé Nast traveller’s listing Sri Lanka as a top destination for 2021 or Club-med ranked Sri Lanka as second digital nomad travel.    Therefore, Sri Lanka is also a unique destination for instance you can watch the world’s largest two mammals in the world in a single day.  Those are the whales in the sea and the elephants in the jungles.  The undiscovered scuba sites including the 2000 year old shipwreck namely Godavaya.

When travel to Sri Lanka, what shall you not miss?

You will not miss home when in Paradise Island. Its’ just three and half-hours’ time gap

Name: Dharshana Mahendra Perera

Title: Ambassador, Embassy of Sri Lanka

Family: Wife, Son, Doggy

Stay: Stockholm

Airlines I prefer to travel with: Qatar, Emirates, LOT Polish, Sri Lankan

Favorite Destination: Sri Lanka

My dream trip: Watch the leopard, the Whales, the Elephant, climb Sigiriya

This we do not know about you: Love to experiment culinary innovations. Latest? Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti) layered  with touches of cumin and other spices

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