Inför #TNM2021: På väg mot den normala!

Embassy of Indonesia är med en av hundratalet utställande företag och institutioner på Travel News market den 11 november på Stockholm Waterfront. Här berättar Akbar Makarti varför och vem de vill träffa.

Why is the Embassy of Indonesia attending as exhibitor at Travel News Market on November 11th? 

We are happy and cautiously optimistic to see the positive development in recent weeks with the Covid situation in Indonesia. Life is slowly getting back to normal. On this note, we are very excited with the news that visitors from Sweden is one of the 19 countries that have been allowed to enter into Indonesia. We want to take advantage of this and begin campaigning to strengthen our tourism branding and offer potential destinations for Swedes to consider. 

I should also mention that Indonesia is preparing to introduce quality tourism for international visitors. There will be much focus in assuring tourists will get the very best services in order to feel safe and pleasant during their visit.

Who do you want to meet at the trade fair? 

We wish to meet everyone! Travel News Market is the biggest trade fair around these parts and we are eager to create new opportunities with potential local partners.

The biggest challenge in the Travel industry 2021?

Rules and regulations regarding customs and health protocols that have been changing or updated rapidly throughout the pandemic. I think this situation will continue to be a challenge as long as the pandemic is still around. Nevertheless, we are optimistic and confident that governments and stakeholders are finding ways to overcome this situation. 

Tell us about the situation for tourism to Indonesia right now? 

Indonesia has recently eased entry restrictions into the country, which means that we can welcome so many more visitors, especially from Sweden! Shops, restaurants, event venues and businesses are returning to the ”new normal”. There is still 3 days of quarantine policy in place but with continued positive developments in Indonesia, we are hopeful to see this reduced or eliminated altogether.

I would also like to mention that as of 31st of August 2021, Indonesia has given its 100 millionth dose of COVID-19 vaccine – a major milestone for one of the most COVID-affected countries in the world with about 270 million people and we are very ambitious and pushing for full country-wide vaccination by the first quarter of 2022.

Any big news to inform us about in your destinations?

The big news is that now BALI and RIAU ISLANDS are open for travelers. As of 16 of October 2021, the government of Indonesia has officially re-opened Bali for international tourists and we are expecting to welcome 200.000 tourists by the end of this year.

When travel to Indonesia, what shall you not miss?

In my humble opinion, Indonesian culinary is so underrated, and it’s unfortunate that it has not been more recognized globally, especially in Sweden and the Nordics! I would definitely recommend trying out the variety of local dishes throughout anyone’s visit to Indonesia. You’ll be happily surprised!

Akbar Makarti, Indonesia Embassy staff in Stockholm

Name: Akbar Makarti

Titel: Indonesia Embassy staff in Stockholm

Last trip: Kiruna

Favorite destination: Anywhere with good food!

My dream trip: Catching the aurora borealis! 

This we do not know about you: My shirts are stored according to its color palette.

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